Thursday, September 17, 2009

Note for current site updater......

Hi, thanks for continuing to update this blog for the student sale.  Here is a list of the things I have set up that need to be updated as well as general stuff that would be good to include when updating the blog.

First things first:

- Give Mary-Lou your email address and get her to add you as an author to this blog.  If she makes a face indicating great confusion feel free to email me for questions,

-Sign in
- In order to edit stuff on the side bar click 'customize' on the top right and the rest is very intuitive.
-in order to create new posts click 'new post' on the top right hand corner of the screen.

- Your first post should be accompanied by your current student sale poster.

-Date and address of sale
-Dates of the Textile Program info sessions (ask Mary-Lou)
-Add anymore blogs that you know of of current student  (in the Current Student Blogs section) and alumni blogs (in the, you guessed it, Alumni Blogs section)
-Add any links that you see fit in the 'links' section.  Typically student and alumni websites.
-Also, on the side bar add a blurb about the other events the students will be at that year, ie. Portabello West, Circle Craft (if it's after the sale)

-Send an email call out for pictures from the current students and alumni that are attending the sale. You can then post updates with pictures and links to their blogs and websites as you receive the pics. 

Blog posts:

Post as you see fit, just have fun with it.

What I did:  In addition to posting photos that people sent me,  I took pictures of students working on sale items as well as finished items that would be for sale.

Also, posting 'after' pictures of the sale is a great way to follow up and get more people coming out for the next one.  Don't be afraid to ask for pictures someone else took, just don't forget to give them credit for them.

Add labels to you posts!!! (BTW  'Labels' in tech land are called 'metatags or tags').  They are words or short phrases that describe that specific post.  For instance, if this year I, Janna, am attending the sale and have provided you with pictures, you would accompany the blog post about me with labels (with commas between each one).

Here's an example: LABELS Janna Maria Vallee, Janna Maria Designs, weaving, surface design, silk, wearable art

the labels section is on the bottom of your post as seen when you are creating or editing it.

Signing off:

I really like the idea of having each blogger sign off at the end of the sale, passing it off to the next student.

Tying things up:

Don't forget to move the blogs that are in 'current student blogs' to 'alumni blogs' in prep for the next person.

Please feel free to add to this list to make things easier for the next student!

Thanks, Janna Vallee